Iyoya Foods Company Ltd. is a manufacture which is specialized in Japanese Chinmi foods.

What is Chinmi?

Chinmi represents a traditional Japanese food.

The meaning of Chinmi

‘Chin’ means rare and ‘mi’ means taste.
So Chinmi means ‘rare food’ or ‘rare taste’
Japanese people has a tradition to eat these Chinmi foods in special occasions such as Obon and New Years day, as they were expensive
Just like we have a tradition to eat sea bream (tai in Japanese) for celebration as ‘mede’tai” represents celebrations.

We have a lot of Chinmi foods here in Japan and the most popular Chinmi is:
- Uni (sea urchin)
- Karasumi (Salted mullet’s roe)
- Konowata (Salted sea cucumber’s intestine)
The Chinmi from around the world is:
- Caviar
- Truffle
- Foie gras

We have been selling those Chinmi within and outside Japan for over 30 years since our company has been launched.

Iyoya specializes in row Chinmi and ingredients that can be used to cook traditional Japanese food. Also ready-to-eat food such as ready made seafood salad is also popular.
One of our major products, ‘crawfish salads’ has a lot of recipes variations such as sandwich fillings and Sushi toppings. They are ready made and it is getting popular and popular everyday in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

One of our long seller products for the last 25 years, the ‘Hokuo Salad’ has been awarded by Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and Fisheries few times.
Hokuo Salad has been sold to Sushi restaurants all around the world, Japanese restaurants, and hotels.

Unfortunately, we only manufacture and distribute to whole sellers at the moment.

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